Monday, June 25, 2012

A Concrete Gift Idea

So even before Gabriel was born, I got grandpa/my pop-in-law a garden stone with the first 5 grandchildren's names under girl-boy-girl-boy-girl stick figures titled "Sprouts of Love". Then for Gabriel's first Father's Day, he got grandpa a stone with a Pop stick figure & baby figurine of Gabriel, titled "Newest Sprout" (pictured). This year we decided to make a stone ourselves from a craft store kit. 

The instructions said to use a bucket to mix the cement. Instead, I took a rinsed out gallon milk jug & cut it in half horizontally leaving the handle. I mixed the cement mixture in it then tossed it! Perfect repurposing. The funny thing is Gabriel thought we were baking at first! The mixing looked like it, especially since I had to measure the water!

After the stone set, I prepped G's feet to get "stamped". Uh oh... my paint-stamp loving boy hated the feel of the cement!!! It flew everywhere!!! I had to quickly clean his feet, the cement off our kitchen tile & then smooth the stone's surface again. Ha! So no footprints for grandpa... I went with stones & painting instead.

There was left over cement mixture & w made daddy a paper weight using a Tang container top as the mold. I asked my hubby for a guitar pick he did not mind "losing". So Daddy does rock!

I also repurposed a wooden butterfly craft container into another garden decoration. This was all so much fun!

<3 Lishie & Gabriel

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