Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Flag Day!

It's Flag Day, June 14th! Celebrate by finger painting a flag. I love this one Gabriel made! It looks very Folk- artish! And while crafting, teach about the origin of Flag day:

From re: Flag Day:

Brief History of the Flag Day Celebration
June 14, 1877 - The flag of the United States was flown in every government building marking the centennial of the adoption of a national flag.

August 1949 - June 14 was officially declared Flag Day by President Harry S. Truman. Since then Flag Day is observed yearly and it is a time when Americans display the flag in front of their homes, outside office buildings, government agencies and other establishments. 

American Samoa observes Flag Day on April 17 (I left this in for Gabriel! April 17th is his birthday!!!).

Or you can do this-

Template from Coloring Castle:
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