Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bottle Cap Magnets

Recently a friend of ours gave Gabriel some very much appreciated hand-me-down clothes along with a stack of magazines… Ranger Rick, Highlights & Nick Jr. from when her son was younger. Gabriel took to each magazine like each was a new book. And I was surprised to see him focus on the Dora the Explorer items most of all in the Nick Jr. Magazines. Why? Well, we limit his TV time to mostly Sesame Street & Jack’s Big Music Show. Television is sensory-overload for our tot.  So I am not sure if Dora’s cute face beckoned Gabriel from the pages or what, but I allowed him to watch the show. And lo & behold, in his little rambling voice… he “answered” her questions. Whoa. This was a huge step for us… Needless to say, I have become a Dora fan.
Saying all that, you’ll know why I chose this “A-Dora-Ble” craft to highlight her. I was Pin-spired by The Creative Salad’s bottle-cap magnet post (are YOU on Pinterest? No? You should be especially if you are reading a craft blog!)  And I had already been collecting bottle caps… so this came about…
Bottle Cap Magnets

Self-adhesive craft magnets! I love these because they are easy to cut with scissors & they are thin. They also adhere well. Parents, PLEASE glance at this article on the danger of magnets for children.
& Good 'ol bottle caps. Mine are a collection from our office, where in our lobby, Think Coffee sells Boylan soda:
Small stickers... Ours, starring that famous bilingual gal of the small screen. Place one sticker inside the cap. Then, "paint" over the sticker using homemade
glue/sealer/finish (see below, also known as "modge podge")
Did you know that homemade "modge podge" is a 50% school, white glue to 50% water ratio? I did... 2 "drops" of water + 2 "drops" of white glue=
Allow to dry well... 
Almost done!!! Uh oh... Watch out for Swiper!
Time for GLITTER FUN! Yes, I said glitter & fun in the same sentence. Yes, I am a mom... ha ha... Want to lessen the mess? Use glitter glue pens like these:
Dab the glitter glue on top of the sealed stickers & around the fluted edge of the cap... Allow to dry, AND...
Now you have a new, fun, one-of-a-kind set of magnets... Oh, again, watch out, ¡cuidado! ~ Swiper!

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