Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Heart Gabriel

I have a nice walk once my commuter bus from NJ~NYC drops me off... It's about 1 mile from the new WTC site, across Canal Street, through SOHO (South of Houston) & then across Houston (that's House-tun for you non-New Yorkers ;))& finally into the "Village", where I work.And then I do the same walk in the afternoon to launch me home. It's about a mile each way & a great time to think, let my creativity flow. So I came up with this tee shirt idea.
I don't know about you, but I am pretty over the buy a new shirt for every holiday trend for children. Especially when they are so easy to make... & Especially when creating one makes the item one of a kind. So as I walked & passed by some of the more touristy-item vendors I of course, kept seeing those "I <3 NY" tees. You now, the ones with the hearts? I would display a jpeg picture here but that is an actual logo that is COPYRIGHTED. Imagine? So I'd rather not... But I can say that I looked up the font & it's pret-tee close to the American Typewriter type. At first I wanted to do "I <3 MA" but was told it looked like my son was a Massachusetts lover, rather than a mama lover, lol... So I used American Typewriter Condensed for the bottom line, changing "MA" to "MOM".

Mother's Day Tee Shirt

Materials Needed (+ red food coloring, not pictured here, but below):
First, we created the picture we wanted to trace, then placed it on cardboard backing:
Took the blank tee & placed the piece of cardboard, with the picture on it, inside, between the front & the back of the material:

Then, I began with the writing. Using craft fabric paint, I traced the letters... 
I M O M 
Allowed it to dry...
Then, I took a small bowl with a little water mixed with a couple of drops of food coloring & A heart-shaped cookie cutter...
& allowed Gabriel to dip the heart into the bowl & "stamp" the shirt...
(BTW: This was the paper underneath:)
Allowed the tee to dry, hanging...
Didn't it come out beautifully? Looks very street chic to me~ almost like graffiti art.
Unique~ One-of-a-Kind, like G!
I <3 my little archangel more than he can possibly know...

<3 Lishie & Gabriel

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  1. Hi. I'm on that commuter bus with you. My last name is Ma. Funny. I will borrow this project idea. Food coloring will stay on shirt? Won't wash off?

  2. Ha ha- Hi Karin!!! It won't wash off but it will get lighter! I figure by the time that happens, he'll be done with the shirt! Now I have to make an I <3 DAD shirt, ha