Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whale of a Good Time

Gabriel loves his animal figurines & the ocean ones get played with a lot. Since the summer is nearly here (yay!) the ocean trips are around the corner as are our aquarium trips! I love our day trips. So making a whale seemed like a great idea. Gabriel thought so too. The inspiration for this craft came from Oriental Trading again. 
Materials: All you need is a paper cup (can be white! We happened to have blue) a piece of construction paper (blue again), scissors, googly eyes, school glue & 2 pipe cleaners (we used blue & white. We also used glitter glue.
On the construction paper, draw the tail & the fins for the whale; cut them out. Glue the tail, fins & googly eyes onto the inverted (upside-down) cup. Allow to dry. Using glitter glue, "draw" on a mouth. Or you can use a marker! 

On the top of the cup, cut/punch a small hole to create a "blow-hole". Take the pipe cleaners & fold them in half; Roll them on your finger to make "springs". Insert the bottom of the springs into the hole. This is "water sprouting" from the whale's blow-hole. 
Then go to National Geographic Kids to learn about the blue whale.

Fast Facts
The scientific name of the blue whale is Balaenoptera musculus.

Their average lifespan in the wild is 80-90 years.

Blue whales are usually between 82 and 105 feet (25 to 32 meters) long.

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