Thursday, May 10, 2012

Magnetic Puzzles

Gabriel is into the Puzzling age, ha, I mean into Puzzles... so when I saw this on Pinterest, from My Kind of Makeover I knew I had to do it. Especially since G also loves magnets. (are YOU on Pinterest? No? You should be especially if you are reading a craft blog! Also, Parents, PLEASE glance at this article on the danger of magnets for children. )

There's a great article from the Examiner on why puzzles are good for children. Key points:
  • Puzzles build hand eye coordination
  • Puzzles develop fine motor skills
  • Puzzles offer opportunities for social and language skills
  • Puzzles encourage problem solving and logical thinking
MATERIALS: All you need is a puzzle (we have a few of the kind that come in a baggie instead of a box):
& self-adhesive craft magnets like these below. I love these because they are easy to cut with scissors & they are thin. They also adhere well. 

Turn all of the pieces over. 

Adhere one magnet to the center of each piece:
And you are ready to put together the puzzle on any magnetic surface... the refrigerator, dishwasher... washing machine (keeps kids busy!) or on a magnetic lapboard (great busy time in the car! No pieces lost.)
See the Beatles magnet, upper left-hand corner? Gabriel knows all 4 Beatles' names since he was one! Now it is "his" magnet.
<3 Lishie & Gabriel

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