Sunday, May 6, 2012

Super Moon

You heard about the Super Moon, right? We heard about it. According to NASA the perigee full moon on May 5, 2012 will be as much as 14% bigger & 30% brighter than other full moons of 2012.  But, alas, although we kept Gabriel up to see it, the fog was too thick in NJ. 

I had planned on this paper plate moon craft & went ahead with it:
It really does not need any explanation or directions. We had silver dessert plates left over from Gabriel's 3rd Birthday Blast Off!  although, you could use a white paper plate & color it silver with crayon or markers....
And then all you will need is school glue, one googly eye & we used glitter glue... (But you could use school glue + glitter.)

These are the best crafts! Gabriel loves putting on the googly eye!!! And he loves the sensory of touching the tackiness of the glue! For the glue stick "writing", I assist him hand over hand.
& we get this beautiful, finished product to hang... along with a little science lesson on the moon. Out of this world fun!

<3 Lishie & Gabriel 
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